Ceramics,one of the most ancient arts,has been developed in Thrapsano of Heraklion in Crete since the Minoan era and is continued by creating useful and other articrafts of every day use and decoration until now .

Manolis Volirakis at a young age while
learning the secrets of burning potteries from his grandfather

Particularly, the jars of Thrapsano have been known since Minoan years and their technique passes though parents to children who learn how to design jars and every kind of pots at on early age so that they become skillful artists of the clay and create objects of exquisite technique and in great demand all over the world .

Manolis Volirakis at a young age burning his ceramics in an offhand kiln
Manolis Volirakisí family while placing the ceramics in the kiln.
Manolis Volirakis' grandfather on duty


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